The future of crypto education –
powered by TRAID coin
We are revolutionizing crypto trading education by bringing the world’s top traders as your live mentors.

TRAID is a hybrid PoW/PoS/Masternode coin that will serve as a payment gateway on our upcoming crypto educational platform. Use TRAID to acccess various premium features on the platform and hire top crypto traders for 1 on 1 coaching sessions, trading signals or live portfolio analysis.










The problem

Crypto market is overflowed with shillers and shady traders with hidden agendas. It’s come to a point where finding honest traders to follow and learn from is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Newcomers lose fortunes and regret the day they started trading because they don’t have proper guidance.

The solution is a robust crypto educational platform where students of all skill levels can learn from the best. Hand-picked professional traders will take you by the hand and show you how they trade, when they trade and what they trade. Learn by watching LIVE what the world’s best traders are doing.


Traid is a crypto educational initiative which aims to bring everyone to the crypto trading and blockchain world.

We are the world’s first blockchain-powered crypto trading education platform which will provide continuous learning to the people striving to gain trading skills and reward content creators for sharing their knowledge.

What is Traid Platform?

Think of your favorite crypto trader. Now imagine being mentored by him…1 on 1. How privileged would you feel to have a trader that you trust hand you his knowledge on the silver platter?

Wouldn’t that be something?

Thanks to, this jealousy guarded knowledge will soon be within your reach. Become part of the elite community of professional traders who will take you by the hand and show you how to capture gigantic profits in the market.

Learning on the platform will be as easy and fun. Group coaching and 1 on 1 sessions will be streamed LIVE, and presented in a way that even a novice trader or investor can easily understand …and not just understand, but actually put into practice in his or her investing or trading.

Spend to learn

Spend TRAID coins to access
various premium features on the

Donate to support

Support your favorite instructors and reward them for being awesome.

Teach to earn

Run ads on your streams,
accept paid subscriptions
and donations on your channel.

Stake to save

Stake your TRAID coins and spend rewards on education. Learn for free!
Our Alpha Sneak Peak Is Live
Our team of designers has been hard at work creating the user interface for the Traid platform. Our goal was to create something
modern, intuitive, and user-friendly. After a lot of research and going through countless versions we’re ready to show a preview of
what Traid alpha will look like once finished.
for Instructors
Earn TRAID coins

Choose to accept TRAID and/or other major cryptocurrencies for premium subscriptions.

Serve ads

Choose to serve video and display ads on your channel and get 90% of all revenues generated.

Grow your community

Increase your reach and online influence. Engage with your audience and boost your lead generation.

for Students
Learn to trade

Choose your mentors and trade alongside world-class cryptocurrency traders.

Premium content

Follow your favorite traders and subscribe to premium content. Schedule private coaching sessions.

Choose how to pay

Use major currencies for subscriptions or spend TRAID coins and get 50% discount on all premium content.

Latest From Our Dev Blog
Traid Roadmap
Coin launch and wallet release
_____ FINISHED ____
Official coin launch and the release of windows and linux wallets.
Bounties and airdrops
_____ FINISHED ____
We will allocate 3% of startup to supporters who advocate for the project and help us spread the word about Traid.
3rd tier exchanges
_____ FINISHED ____
Collected funds will be used for getting listed on multiple 3rd tier exchanges.
Cryptocurrency listing sites
_____ FINISHED ____
Funds collected from the crowdsale will be used for getting listed on multiple masternode and other crypto listing sites.
Development team expansion
_____ FINISHED ____
The new hires will help advance our primary objective and increase code development time going forward.
Web wallet release
_____ IN PROGRESS ____
The official release of TRAID web wallet.
Android and iOS mobile wallets
_____ IN PROGRESS ____
The release of official Android and iOS mobile wallets
Global marketing campaign
_____ IN PROGRESS ____
Increasing brand awareness of Traid project and gaining traction within our target markets
Traid alpha rollout
_____ IN PROGRESS ____
Launch of an operational TRAID platform with a minimal set of functional services.
2nd tier exchanges
Traid coin will be listed on bigger exchanges to sustain and boost trading volume.
Meet ups and conferences
we will visit and sponsor major crypto conferences and events dedicated to blockhain.
Onboarding process
Acquiring, accommodating and assimilating trading instructors with the best historical track records
q3-2019 early beta access
Launch of a fully operational TRAID platform with a focus on improving user experience.
Event marketing campaigns
Participatory meet-ups for our community with the focus on interaction and networking.
Official launch
The official release of platform with all features in place.
Customized learning experiences
Creating tailored learning environments and integrating course proposal processes for 1 on 1 mentorship.
Multilingual version of platform
Increasing overall customer satisfaction by making our platform available in multiple languages.
Achievement rewards for instructors
Reward system for best-rated instructors with the largest followers' base.
q1-2020 mobile app official release
The release of official android and iOS applications to support a more personalized user experience on our platform.
Fiat gateway
Accelerating adoption and making our platform accessible to everyone by integrating a Fiat gateway.
User acquisition and platform expansion
Platform expansion in new geographic markets, reaching new customers.
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, TRAID is a mineable coin that uses NeoScrypt PoW hashing algorithm.

TRAID is now listed on CriptoBridge and Crex24. More exchanges coming soon.

You can download TRAID wallet from Or you can join our Discord and generate the wallet by using the $deposit command in the #bot-commands channel.

You must have a backup in order to recreate your wallet onto a new computer. After you’ve backed up your wallet, follow the next steps:

Step 1: Install TRAID wallet and run the program once installed.

Step 2: Close the program.

Step 3: Browse to the following default folder…
Windows: C:\Users\{YourUserName}\Appdata\Roaming\Traid
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Traid/

Note: These folders may be hidden, in this case you will need to view hidden folders on your operating system.

Step 4: Copy and paste your Backup “wallet.dat” file directly into the opened Traid folder. This will replace the current file with your backup.

Step 5: Run the Traid wallet software once more. You will see that your old wallet is now back.

Simply send coins to your TRAID wallet and keep your wallet online and running. Your wallet must be unlocked (unencrypted wallets are always considered unlocked)

Staking doesn’t need to do a lot of work, so the requirements are very low.

You can’t predict exactly how many stakes you will get. However, if you stake with more coins, you get more blocks and you’re more likely to find a reward. Staking resembles lottery. Some days you’ll get more than usual, some days less. It’s just an estimate.

Yes. Masternodes receive 2/3 of PoS rewards. Masternode collateral is 60 000 coins.

Yes, you can download our tutorial here or you can join our Discord and find the tutorial pinned in the #masternodes channel.

Our Bitcointalk bounty has been finished, but there are more great bounties and giveaways you can join on our official Discord server.