Meet Traid team
Our team consists of multi-skilled crypto professionals who have worked with one another on many different projects in different capacities and became close friends. We have already worked on different scalable solutions that reached millions of users and stumbled upon the need to truly help educate them. Drawing on combined 50 years of experience related to trading and investing, we started developing a tool which will change your current approach to cryptocurrency.
Traid team

To people who want to contribute to our ambitious project in whatever way they see fit (investing or spreading the word about what we’re trying to achieve), we intend to exceed your every expectation and prove how right you were to believe in us.

Mr. G

Relentless Bitcoin optimist with 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and passion for cutting-edge technologies. In 2016, Mr. G started working actively on the blockchain technology, deploying solutions for companies to help them adopt blockchain technologies in everyday life. With many institutional relationships, he has managed to raise seed capital for multiple start-up companies. His skills include project management, investor relations, influencer marketing and advertizing.


Dante is a seasoned Forex and cryptocurrency trader with extensive knowledge of market patterns. He joined the crypto community in 2014 and has since then funded many global blockchain startups and services. He has personally mentored dozens of crypto enthusiasts who wanted to become traders and is actively managing 6-figure portfolios for multiple companies and individuals.

Eric Y

Eric is an online entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in project management and advertizing. He has a deep understanding of streaming protocols and is personally involved in multiple streaming-based projects in various industries. Being a hardware nerd, he has actively been mining Bitcoin and other currencies since 2012 and has helped many companies and individuals get their mining operations off the ground.


MJ is a Bitcoin futurist and tech-savvy blockcain enthusiasts proficient at trading, ICO research and mining. He entered the blockchain industry in 2014 and has since invested in many blockchain startups and mining operations. He excels at building great brands and solving the toughest problems. His innovative perspective and creativity will help set Traid project apart from other blockchain projects on the market.

Blockchain engineer

RaBit is an agile architect of scalable blockchain-based solutions. He has 5 years of experience building globally distributed, cloud-based environments.

Jake M.
C++ developer

Jake M. is C++ programmer with 6 years of experience building low latency, high throughput systems. He has worked on multiple blockchain-based projects centered around real-time trading applications and mathematical models.

Leo Nardo
Backend developer

Leo Nardo has an excellent track record of using modern technologies to bring products to life. He recently left Silicon Valley to join our passionate and mission-driven team. His expertise includes Php, Python, Laravel, Node.js, Mysql and MongoDB.

Dr. Solomon
Fullstack developer

Dr. Solomon is an experienced developer of full-stack applications across multiple platforms using modern industry-adopted languages and frameworks. He specializes in both front-end and back-end development. His background in Mathematics helped him develop unique problem solving skills and understanding of complex algorithms.

Sarah the Bon
Web designer

Sarah the Bon is a senior web designer with front-end programming and graphic design skills, specializing in usability and user experience. She is responsible for the design and branding of Traid platform and all online and marketing material. She’s currently not employed full-time and is hired on a per-project basis.

Dazzling Gibbs
Marketing manager

Dazzling Gibbs is a seasoned online marketing professional with proven success executing multi-channel marketing campaigns for businesses in different verticals. He excels at product launches with record-high response rates. He is in charge of Traid’s brand management, instructors onboarding, media relations, content development and advertising.

Skipper Jay
Community manager

Skipper Jay is a social media expert with excellent communication skills. He’s in charge of promoting brand awareness, collaborating with investors and connecting with potential clients.

Masterful Bob
Mobile developer

Masterful Bob is an accomplished mobile app developer with a track record of creating commercially viable Android and iOS applications that are well-received by users. He specializes in corporate and industrial applications.